Become an Industry Qualified & Registered Kinesiologist and/or an
Internationally Recognised Kinesiology Trainer, all within 12-30 months!

If you're looking for a change in occupation, returning to the work force or a school leaver contact ACKM to discover the rewards of this emotionally and financially fulfilling career. Students will not only learn how fascinating the body is, they will also move through profound time of personal growth and transformation on all levels.
Nationally Accredited Qualifications & Awards

The following educational awards are available through Kinesiology Academy Sydney Campus being ACKM:

        The Certificate IV in Kinesiology includes the following qualifications within it's course outline :
        - Certificate in Touch for Health - IKC
        - Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Practice - ICPKP

        - Nationally Accredited and Industry Recognised Training with the AKA, AIK, IKC, ICPKP & ATMS.

        - Prerequisite: Certificate IV in Kinesiology (HLT42807) or equivalent.
        The Diploma of Kinesiology includes the following qualification within it's course outline:
        - ICPKP Professional Practitioner Certification Program
        - Nationally Accredited and Industry Recognised Training with the AIK, IKC, ICPKP & ATMS.


Industry Recognised Courses & Introductory Workshops

The following industry recognised educational awards are available through ACKM.  Each award builds on the previous award and can be taken independently or as part of a nationally recognised qualification listed above.

Introductory Workshops
         Incorporating the following:
        - Energy Psychology - Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
        - Kinesiology for Kids
        - Eat Right Live Right - (Nutrition & Supplement Testing)
        - Healthy Pets with Kinesiology
        - Perceptive Vision (Improving your Vision with Kinesiology)

Certificate in Touch For Health (TFH 1-4 plus TFH Proficiency)
        - AKA, AIK, IKC, ATMS Recognised

Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Practice (BKP) -  AKA, AIK, ATMS Recognised

Touch For Health Instructors Training Workshop - AKA, AIK, IKC Recognised

Advanced Diploma in Professional Kinesiology (PKP)
        - ICPKP, Industry Recognised

Advanced Practitioner Skills
        - Heart Healing - Combining the latest technology and research on Heart & Mind
          integration from the HeartMath Institute.     
        - Sabotage Clearing & Goal Enhancement
-  Clear your subconscious limiting
          beliefs which are preventing you from achieving your optimum in all areas of your life.
        Plus the highly acclaimed workshop by Arthur Bablis:
        - "Living a Life With Purpose" 
            by Aligning Your Values & Balancing Your Wheel of Life
To find out what students are saying about training with ACKM and Arthur Bablis - CLICK HERE!
Have you already completed some kinesiology training?

ACKM bases its kinesiology training on the Touch for Health Synthesis recognised by the International Kinesiology College and the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Certification program recognised by the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. If you have completed this training and any other peak body recognised kinesiology training, ACKM will recognise this prior learning and formally RPL your certificates of proficiency or competency into a nationally recognised qualification. As the training must comply with industry standards, some conditions apply. Contact ACKM for more information.

Have you studied before?

We understand that once you've learnt something, you shouldn't have to study it again if you don't want to. That's why we offer options for having prior learning contribute towards your qualification.

You can provide evidence that you have completed related studies (credit transfer).
You can provide evidence that you have completed the exact unit already (mutual recognition).

You have no formal qualifications but you wonder if your skills and experience could be upgraded to a new qualification.

Those of you who have spent years working with people in a clinic setting have probably developed skills and experience that could be applied to Certificate IV qualifications. Perhaps you have industry recognition such as Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner (previously AKA Practitioner Level 1) and would like to upgrade your qualifications to Certificate IV in Kinesiology. This may be easier than you think and your successful application may give you the qualification very quickly.

Applying for skills recognition (Recognised Prior Learning)

Look at the course outline and core units to get an overview of the competency criteria required for the course you are seeking an RPL.  Complete the RPL application forms and gather your evidence. Contact your campus to make an appointment with the registrar or principal to discuss your application.

You must use a separate form for each application. If your evidence covers more than one unit, you must make photocopies to attach to each application as units are assessed and filed separately.

Fees apply for this process.
Contact ACKM for more details and for your RPL Application Kit.
Please contact the AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE OF KINESIOLOGY MASTERY for a college prospectus or more detailed information.

Australasian College of Kinesiology Mastery - Ph: (02) 9438 3833
Download the Certificate IV in Kinesiology (HLT42807) Course Outline - CLICK HERE

Download the Diploma of Kinesiology (HLT51507) Course Outline - CLICK HERE 

Download the Application and Enrolment Form for the Certificate IV or Diploma of Kinesiology only - CLICK HERE

Download the Certificate in Touch For Health Course Outline- CLICK HERE

Download the Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Practice Course Outline- CLICK HERE

Download the IKC Instructor Trainers Workshop Course Outline- CLICK HERE

Download the ACKM Application and Enrolment Form for other industry recognised courses & workshops - CLICK HERE

Download ACKM's 2010 Fees Schedule and Course Timetable - CLICK HERE

Download ACKM's Enrolment Terms & Conditions - CLICK HERE
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