What students are saying about their training with Arthur Bablis and about Kinesiology:

The following are just a selection of the hundreds of positive testimonials from past students giving feedback on their training with Arthur Bablis and about how Kinesiology has impacted their lives.  For more details contact ACKM.

"The course was like being in kindergarten learning new things about
myself, about life and about other people. It was scary but exciting and I
feel like I grew so much, none of that would have happened if we didn't
have a wonderful teacher like you, you've been the best teacher I have
EVER had. Motivating, Inspiring and someone you definitely aspire to be
like. Thank you for enlightening me Arthur".
….JO College Student

"The atmosphere of the course was set up so each student was helping
each other learn without judgement or attachment.  We learned to take
responsibility for our own bodies without ego identification and to share
our individual resources and to surrender whatever behavioural patterns
that are no longer constructive to harmonious living.

Arthur is a true teacher, and I always know the hallmark of a true teacher
is to show the students how to be totally responsible for their own life. 
True teachers always pull their students, as quickly as possible to the
high level, and push you, if you are capable of going, beyond.  This is
what happens in a Kinesiology intensive.  
This is what happened to me.  Thank you so much Arthur."
….KK  Pymble

"I enjoyed Arthur's style of teaching immensely.  His passion for the subject makes him engaging and inspirational."
….College Student

"Arthur was enthusiastic and very approachable.  He came from a space of integrity and is definitely an inspiration to learning."
 ….College Student

"This course is an experience not to be missed. Your perception of what you think or what you see will change with Kinesiology.  As for Arthur what can I say, he is patient and informative.  He is a generous instructor and has a great personality"
 ….SM  Wentworthville

"Arthur is thoroughly prepared and totally professional, as well as being human, warm humorous and always focused on the needs of his students.  He combines wisdom and an eye for practicality. He maximises participation and ensures everyone gets close personal attention.  He is open and shares himself generously and unassumingly.  His teaching methods are varied and flexible. If I was to describe the Kinesiology course in three words, they would be; exciting, challenging, and enlightening!"
 ….JW  Waverton

"Arthur Bablis is an inspiring, encouraging and thoroughly professional instructor and presenter."
 ….KR  Eastwood

"Arthur brought his passion to the classroom which brought out the eagerness and intrigue in me.  He shared so much knowledge and enthusiasm it has made me appreciate this modality and strive to learn more.  Thank you Arthur."
  ….VS  Killarney Heights

"Arthur is a brilliant, well educated, fun, happy, knowledgeable facilitator.  He is easy to understand and presents information in a easy to follow style"
 ….EB  Wahroonga

"The whole course was fascinating and excellent.  It is very rare to find such a good teacher with excellent communication skills and who brings across his passion for the subject like Arthur does."
….NL  Double Bay

"Arthur Bablis was great, patient & kind, funny too!"
  ….NG  Newport

"I couldn't of asked for a more thorough, enthusiastic - and enthusing - instructor.  Arthur made all aspects of TFH 1-4 so clear and easy to learn and presented everything in a logical, factual manner, answering all our questions with ease.  Basically, learning TFH has changed a great deal of how I interact with all aspects of my life and how I react to things.  I am sure this knowledge will accompany me everyday of my life."
….JJ  Vaucluse

"Arthur delivered the course in a way that made me feel very comfortable, i.e. I didn't feel that I was being lectured at in any way.  He was focused on the instruction and didn't deviate-often trainers go off track and start talking about their experiences which I find very boring, this did not happen for me here.  Arthur had a sense of humour that made me feel relaxed, breaking periods of concentration which can make a long day very intense.  In fact, quite honestly, this has been the most enjoyable "schooling" I've ever experienced."
….PA  Bellevue Hill

"Arthur is warm, friendly, open and humble.  He was prepared to admit when he didn't know and was not frightened of being challenged".  The whole experience was enlightening, rewarding and very appropriate."
 ….MW  Bellevue Hill

"Arthur and his method of teaching is excellent.  His enthusiasm was inspiring, his coverage of the material was thorough.  He made learning enjoyable and stress free."
 ….PM  College Student

"Very challenging.  After this course I have decided to learn more about Kinesiology.  Thanks Arthur for your great teaching.  Teaching with passion and heart."
 ….College Student

"I loved it.  It was an excellent, well structured course and Arthur made it fun and exciting.  Thank you so much, I really gained so much out of this course."
 ….College Student

"Arthur is an excellent instructor.  If he was tired he didn't show it.  Gave his all, 100% at all times."
 ….JS  Vaucluse

"Arthur was fantastic.  I couldn't of asked for more.  His method was clear, precise and lots of fun."
  ….VM  Potts Point

"The course and instructor suited my style of learning perfectly.  How better to heal than begin by healing yourself."
….SM  Enfield

"Arthur presented his information in a very good way.  He was always well prepared and brought a lot of extra stuff.  He was also able to treat everyone in the course equally.  I hope to become an instructor like him and get the same results he does."
….AL  Pforzheim Germany

"Arthur is a good teacher.  I hope to use this material in my profession as a speech therapist as soon as I get back home.  Thanks Arthur."
….KSL Pforzheim Germany

"Arthur and the course were both over and above all expectations."
 ….LB  Dee Why

"Arthur was affable, empathetic, informative, encouraging, and above all honest."
   ….BR  Astbury

"Arthur was very intuitive & knowledgeable.  He was able to get his message across with a special touch while boosting your self confidence."
 ….JH  Emu Plains

"This is a very informative and fascinating course and Arthur is a very charismatic and capable instructor."
….College Student
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