FREE eBook - As A Man Thinketh:  

"As a Man Thinketh" is a classic in the truest sense: few books have been
so widely read, have stood the test of time so well, have had such an impact
on generations of readers, and have carried such a simple, profound message:
You are what you think. 

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FREE eBook - Acres of Diamonds:
Motivational, Inspiring, Outstanding! Considered by many to be one of the finest
speeches ever written, Acres of Diamonds offers a multitude of lessons about the
rewards of work, education, and finding the riches of life in one's own back yard.
This book will appeal to the inner being; it will motivate the person inside
all of us. After reading this fine book, you will find inside your self a new
power, a new desire to succeed!
This book will hand you the key to success,
all you have to do is open the door. 

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Free EFT Get Started Package
"It often works where nothing else will."

Within the next few minutes your beliefs about healing are likely to change!
This Free EFT  Get Started Package will gently guide you through this new
"acupuncture without  needles" process so you can experience it for yourself.
Over 300,000 have done so  already.

You will be given our easy to read EFT Manual that gives you all the basics
(thus you are minutes away from using it) and a free subscription to our popular
EFT Newsletter (this is the Heartbeat of EFT and you can unsubscribe at any time.)

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Explore & Order the EFT 5 Star DVD Library
Gary Craig (the EFT Founder) teaches you every step of the process

"Thank you a thousand fold for the time and effort you put into the workshops
and these videos. There can be no doubt that huge advancements in client
healing are occurring because of your work."

"Need I even say it? The videos are absolutely AWESOME! The work you put into
the videos as well as the manual is obvious. Not only is the quality of the finished
product impeccable, but the love that went the creation of such a masterpiece is
self evident."

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Quality eBooks, Manuals and online Professional Training in Energy Psychology and Personal Development:

Inspirational, Hard Hitting, Concise, Ruthlessly Practical - here are the Brass Tacks of Energy Magic, Emotional Control, Creativity, Intelligence Enhancement and Reality Creation from one of the world's premier researcher on true human potential, Dr Silvia Hartmann, in ELECTRONIC BOOK format for instant download or as a PROFESSIONAL WEB BASED CORRESPONDENCE COURSE with full online tutor  support by international energy therapies trainer, Nicola Quinn.

Electronic documents have the advantage of transmitting ALL THE INFORMATION at
half the price. There is no waiting, there are no postal charges. We further offer FREE
to the customers who have purchased ELECTRONIC BOOKS - so you are
never stuck with an outdated edition. Should you lose your E-manuals, we will
gladly send you a replacement entirely FREE OF CHARGE.

Books & Programs include
Adventures in EFT: the world's best selling EFT Manual
Advanced Patterns in EFT: the world's most comprehensive manual on EFT
Practitioner of Meridian Therapies: full practitioner certification distance learning
course with tutor support.

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"Key to Weight Loss" - Overcoming The Emotional Challenges of Dieting -
eBook, plus computer based program:

We all know that emotional reactions are a BIG part of successful weight loss,
but we haven't seen any self-help technique work as well to zap food cravings right on
the spot as a new method called "The Key to Weight Loss."  It's an e-Book and
computer-based program using leading edge Energy Psychology techniques all rolled into
one, and we'veit amazing for stopping that urge to grab your favorite (usually fattening!)
food and not feel deprived.

Developed and taught by psychologist Dr. Patricia Carrington, a leader and
pioneer in the filed of Energy Psychology,
this exciting and unique approach explains
all the basics of EFT on videos in just two hours -- then customizes it all for you in her
accompanying e-Book. It makes use of the single most powerful tool for sticking to a weight loss program yet devised - a "psychological acupressure" technique known as "EFT" (short for Emotional Freedom Techniques). 

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The EFT Coach - "Combining EFT with Professional Coaching"

The EFT Coach shows you how to apply EFT in a coaching context, including many new
patterns of EFT specially developed for use by coaches.

If you've never heard of EFT but you're a coach interested in new coaching methods,
The EFT Coach could change your coaching practice forever.  Imagine being able to
dissolve your client's fears and blast through their blocks to action - in minutes instead
of hours or weeks. The EFT Coach tells you how.

Imagine being able to accelerate your own personal development as a coach - increasing
your confidence and improving basic coaching skills such as maintaining detachment,
improving intuition and listening skills. The EFT Coach tells you that too.

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The NLP Tool Box

The NLP Toolbox e-book is a wonderful resource for anybody interested in using NLP. 
It brings together a treasure trove of techniques, in one extremely user friendly and
clear format.

Imagine having a collection of NLP Tools to hand that are specially crafted for resolving,
and indeed improving, any area of your life. Each tool is explained in a
straight-forward, no nonsense, STEP-BY-STEP style in one easy access eBook
Many of the mind-blowing techniques you will discover as you read on are unique,
unavailable anywhere else on the entire planet!

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Sculptor 3 - Affirmation Subliminal Software:

Sculptor 3 is subliminal or affirmations program that's worth your time checking

It's actually a lot more than just a simple subliminal message or affirmations software program
and comes packed with a lot of bells and whistles, e.g. affirmations, visualizations, audio
sound technology (Alpha brainwaves to get you into a more receptive mode) for whole brain
synchronization, subliminal messaging, daily quotes, sentence completion, goal setting &
assignment writing, mission statement generator, power & trigger symbols, etc.  
"It will literally change your life - You will love it!"

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